Courteney Barnes-Anderson '10

It's not easy to find your voice when worries, apprehensions, and insecurities scream so loudly. Starting college is a whole new world I tiptoed into, slowly testing waters to find my niche. My first semester was one of exploration, finding my way through the labyrinth of bricks, boys, ballet, books, and Buist (yes, the ONLY community-style residence hall on campus). It was a whole new world, and I was as a small child, gently whispering my story.

Coming back from my first winter break, however, opened up to a spring I would never forget. That semester, my whisper grew into a booming voice as I made one of the most important, and defining, decisions of my college career. I dedicated myself to a sisterhood-- Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated. Through that venture, I learned things about myself that helped me bond with ladies from different backgrounds and with different stories, yet our voices blended beautifully together. These ladies became, and continue to be, my new family... helping to make College of Charleston my home away from home.

The rest of my college career was told with a possessive tone-- this experience was mine; this campus my canvas. I enjoyed so many fulfilling experiences, opportunities, and lessons because of that decision, and now, my voice speaks so fondly of my alma mater because I had a campus family that taught me to find my words and use them to make my voice known throughout my  College of Charleston career.

Courteney Barnes-Anderson
Class of 2010

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