Lindsey Elrod Maxam

I was a shy out-of-state student who knew one person at the CofC when I came in August 2004.  I was not excited about my housing assignment in Buist because it appeared to be the worst of all first-year buildings.  I attended orientation and heard Residence Life was hiring Desk Assistants.  I applied and quickly accepted a position that required me to move in 2 weeks early to start training not knowing anyone in the Department or what campus living would be like.

As I sat through training, I was unsure if CofC was for me.  Everything was new and scary.  I had never lived in a city and the noises, smells, and people were different than what I was used to at home.  The one person I knew at CofC left after a week to attend school closer to home.  I was alone.  As I worked as a DA, I became more confident in myself, my abilities, and my future.  As I continued to work in Residence Life, I became a House Manager and eventually a RHD.  I found my voice and my people in Residence Life.

I found lifelong friends and my mentor in Residence Life at CofC.  I would not change my experience for anything at CofC.  Go Cougars!

Lindsay Elrod Maxam
College of Charleston Alumni

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