Grace Stewart '16

My freshman year in the College Lodge residence hall, I made friends with a bunch of people on my floor and one of them talked me into playing on the club soccer team with her. The CofC Women's Club Soccer team didn't have a coach, or an executive board at the time so we all had a say in everything. I learned to speak up and discuss our options with the interests of all our players in mind. I became pretty close with a lot of my teammates and we decided to make an indoor soccer intramural team together - after one of our games, on a Thursday night, I was walking out of the beloved Johnson Center when I discovered that CofC held a weekly volleyball open net night.

I stayed behind to play, and I met three of my very closest friends (including my boyfriend), who have since taught me a lot about sticking up for myself and being confident in myself. Because of my involvement in those sports clubs and the people I have met there, I stepped out of my comfort zone and became an RA at Lodge, and then an Orientation Intern.

I have done everything in my power to take advantage of all the doors that CofC has opened for me. College Lodge and Campus Recreation Services were stepping stones to finding where I stand and what I'm capable of... How will you #findyourvoice?

Grace Stewart
Class of 2016

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