Rebecca Starkes '16

When I came to the College of Charleston, I had no idea what direction my life would go in. Starting out as a double major in Public Health and Communication, I participated in a program with a prominent health organization that helped me discover my passion for personal privacy and the feminist cause.

During my sophomore year I joined the Student Alumni Associates, a group dedicated to upholding the College's traditions and celebrating our alumni, and I found that both tradition and innovation are part of my identity. Additionally, as I became more involved with the Communication department and various on-campus jobs and internships, I discovered that I enjoy helping others through speaking, writing, and leading, and I hope to pursue those passions in the near future.

In the end, I realized that I am a multi-faceted person who doesn't fit into any particular "box" and, most importantly, that that's okay.

Rebecca Starkes
Class of 2016

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