Dylan Mazelis '15

I first began to find my voice as a Desk Assistant for one of the residence halls during my sophomore year. Although the job was minimum-wage and low-intensity, it gave me an opportunity to interact with many individuals— even if only for a few seconds. I would always greet friends, residents, and strangers with warmth and a smile. Behind that desk, I gradually realized the impact that one can have on other people through even the smallest of actions, and I discovered my capacity for establishing a positive and comfortable environment.

As I involved myself more around campus over the next few years, I learned how this aspect of myself can shine through in everything that I do. When I was hosting an event I planned through CAB, when I was helping or encouraging new students as an Orientation Intern, or when I was guiding critical discussions as a Peer Facilitator, I always maintained the ability to allow those around me to feel more welcomed, more important, more heard.

It's kind of funny how helping others find their voices is what ultimately helped me find my own.

Dylan Mazelis
Class of 2015

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