Madison McGhee '15

When I arrived at the College of Charleston my freshman year, I was overwhelmed with everything - making friends, getting involved, making good grades, and planning for the future. It was everything that overwhelmed me at the start of my college career that led me to find my voice.

My friends helped me realize that I had a support system unlike any other. The community I built at The College is the reason I had the motivation to keep on keepin' on.

Getting involved showed me that I had an ambition I never saw in myself. I was able to create change on campus through various organizations and positively impact the community that had supported me. I realized that I could leave a mark on my corner of the world. I'm incredibly thankful for those opportunities that CofC could offer to me.

Making good grades and planning for my future was much easier than it sounds thanks to my amazing professors who  helped me channel my ambition in the classroom. I learned how to be an active participant in a group, advocate for change, and find what motivates me. 

I'm certainly not who I was when I took my first steps on the campus, and I'm much more sure of who I am because of these key factors that helped me find myself, find my voice, and find my place. 

Madison McGhee
Class of 2015

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