Rebecca Drewry '15

February 2012 is a month I will always remember; a month where I truly began to find my voice, especially at College of Charleston.

Having come to CofC as a lonely freshman from Lynchburg, VA, I knew no one. I began to get involved in a few clubs, but did not seem to find my niche. However, that did not last long, for in December of 2011 I was reading the campus wide email of activities. I scrolled down to find the listing: ‘Want to be an Orientation Intern?!’…or something like that (it was almost 4 years ago!). I knew right away it was something I wanted to, for having experienced a great orientation, myself, the summer before. I applied and one afternoon as I was taking my routine nap, I received a call. Now I don’t usually keep my phone on loud for my sleep was important back then, but this time was different. I answered the phone to hear Stephanie Auwaerter’s voice. Little did I know she would then ask me to join the Orientation Team. I was so happy!

As the time came for training and the orientation season to begin, I knew I had found my home, my voice on CofC’s campus. I found my passion, higher education, and I found an experience that would shape who I am today.

If you had told me at the beginning of my freshman year I would be an Orientation Intern or be a part of half of the organizations I was in, I would have called you crazy. Today, however, my voice speaks loud and proud about what I hold near and dear to my heart…College of Charleston.

Rebecca Drewry
Class of 2015

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