Sarah Roshfeld Myer ‘10

I found my voice in the fall of 2006 when I applied to be a Charleston 40 tour guide. I knew I loved CofC and I wanted to share that with other students who were seeking a school to be their own ‘perfect fit’.  I think I was more nervous for my Charleston 40 interview than I had been to interview with most of the colleges I’d applied to! The night I got the call letting me know I’d been offered a spot as a tour guide was the best memory from my first 2 months in college and sparked the confidence for me to grow in leadership positions across campus.

I was able to put my passion for CofC into words and communicate to younger students the importance of weighing all factors in a college decision. By finding my voice, I’m hopeful that I helped other students find theirs as well at their school of choice. My three years spent as a tour guide inspired me to work for Admissions after graduation and to turn college recruitment into a career.  

Sarah Roshfeld Myer
Class of 2010

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