Committee Schedule


Email invitation sent to faculty, staff, and College community asking for book recommendations. Titles submitted through online form on website.

Email sent to all students asking for book recommendations. Titles submitted through online form on website.

Deadline for submissions is two weeks after emails goes out.  .


Committee begins meeting every week through the end of November to review recommendations. Meetings held once a week. 

At the first meeting, the Committee will review of all of the recommended titles and edit the list based on the published criteria for selection with a goal of identifying 12 books for additional consideration (more if the list yields more with favorable reviews).

Committee members select and commit to reading one of the 12 books on the list of twelve by next meeting.  Goal is to have at least two people reading each selection.

Committee members report out on each of 12 books.  If both readers recommend against the book, it will be removed from the list unless other members choose to read the book and report at the next meeting.

Process continues until the list is narrowed to 3-6 books. 

Begin research into author availability, cost, presentation skills, and willingness to commit for entire day of programming for each author on the Short List. List adjusted if necessary. 

Campus colleagues and additional students invited to read remaining books choices with the goal of identifying curricular or co-curricular activities and initiatives that could accompany each book.


Continue to review books and solicit additional input on Short List books.

By November, all committee members will have read Short List books and talked about these books with campus colleagues in the process of moving to a consensus on the book selection.

Committee makes a selection by November 15 and forwards information to the Provost.


Finalize contract negotiations with author for campus visit. Negotiate best price for book order.


The College Reads! Book selection announced to campus.

Books ordered for faculty, staff and incoming students (~4,000)


Books distributed to campus (roster faculty and all other campus employees upon request).

Recruit faculty and staff to plan programming around the book selection for next academic year.

June, July and August

Book distributed to students at orientation and discussed with students during Liberal Arts presentation at orientation.

FYE PFs trained to conduct book discussions in synthesis seminars.

September and October

Classroom and FYE synthesis seminar book discussions take place.

Author Visit (typically in October)

Remainder of School Year

Other programming around book topic and themes. 

Updated March 2021