A Letter from President Benson


College of Charleston

February 21, 2014

At the College of Charleston, we generally do not comment on the legislative process, and for good reason.  There often are significant legislative changes when a bill is considered by the full House and Senate.

Any university education must include the opportunity for students to engage controversial ideas.  Our students are adults, and we will treat them as such at the College of Charleston. 

As one of the oldest universities in the United States, the College of Charleston is committed to the principle of academic freedom.  Faculty, not politicians, ultimately must decide what textbooks are selected and how those materials are taught. 

Any legislative attempt to tie institutional funding to what books are taught, or who teaches them, threatens the credibility and reputation of all South Carolina public universities. 

I continue to welcome a constructive, cordial, and respectful dialogue on the topic of our College Reads program with any member of the General Assembly or the community at large.

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